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Coating additives
产品详情 / Detail

ET104 Powder sand ripples agent

Fluorine-containing polymer, with the fine average particle size, make the film show uniform sand grain effect

ET-310 Functional type accelerator

Improve the adhesion between the coating and the substrate, Improve the mechanical properties of the coating,Increase the boiling resistance, salt fog resistance and weather resistance of coating

ET350 β-hydroxyalkylamideHAA

Non-toxic, not to stimulate skin, Fast curing, best curing agent of antiweatherability polyester resin

ET-402 Liquid leveling agent

Adjust the surface tension, homogenize the coating, reduce orange peel and eliminate shrinkage, let the cured film has a flat and smooth appearance

ET-588 Universal leveling agent

With a good transparency and surface clarity, reduce the haze

ET-701 Brightener

Good wetting promoting effect for polarity additives of powder coatings and be coated substrate , eliminating shrinkage and promote leveling


Through the consumption of oxygen in the air bubbles to eliminate pinhole and haze

ET108 PTFE Micronized wax

Pure polytetrafluoroethylene micronized wax, Increase the surface smoothness of the powder, and improve the scratch resistance

Ø  Packing PE bag25kg/bag